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Blockhouse Bouldering

Main Competition (Ages 11 & up)

Blockhouse and the OU Climbing Club are proud to announce our first ever bouldering competition!

How it Works:
Open style competition where over the course of 3 hours climbers try to send the most challenging climbs they can manage. Each climb is worth a certain point value based on difficulty, and climbs will be ranked in order of relative difficulty. Your top 5 most difficult climbs will count as your score. Judges will be present to confirm successful attempts and initial your scorecard. 

Climbers will then be divided into pre-determined scoring categories of beginner, intermediate and advanced. Categories will be announced after all scores are tallied. The top 3 climbers in each category will receive an awesome prize!

Saturday February 11th
$25 per climber

Test your skills, have fun and win prizes!

Youth Competition
Ages 6-10

Youth climbers can test their skills in various climbing events for a chance to win some great prizes!

Saturday February 11th
$10 per climber

Online Waiver

Everyone that visits our facility must complete a waiver.

Save time and complete it online before your visit.

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