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out of this world competition

March 2nd, 2024


Ages 10-15 & Ages 16+

Doors Open 1230pm
Climbing from 1-5pm

After Party 5-8pm

Join us for some other-worldly climbing & fun! Earn some awesome prizes in our redpoint style bouldering competition!*

After party with free pizza & beverages!


First 50 signups are guaranteed a t-shirt! (design above)

Grand prizes for the highest cumulative scores between OU Outdoor Pursuits Prom Comp & blockhouse comp announced during after party!!

**Extraterrestrials permitted!


Ages 6-10

Prizes, t-shirt and pizza included!

Fun & Friendly competition for all skill levels



**Extraterrestrials permitted!

*This type of competition provides many different climbing routes. Each route has a different level of difficulty and a unique point value commensurate to the level of difficulty. Points are gained only if the route is completed ground up. The basic strategy for the red point is to warm up on easy climbs. After warming up you are ready to peak on the hardest climb you are capable of sending. Here strategy is important. You must correctly evaluate the most difficult climb you are capable of completing. If you can not complete a climb, you may continue to try. However, as you continue to work the climb, your endurance and strength diminish. Therefore, many climbers use the strategy to attempt a climb only twice until they complete the mandatory number of climbs. Then difficult climbs are re-attempted in an effort to improve the score. 

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